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Job Interview Etiquette

Your degree, resume or application get you the interview, but it’s your personal skills that will land you the job, promotion or client.

  • Do your homework, make sure you know where the interview will take place, how long it takes to get there, who will be interviewing you and how people dress.

  • Arrive early, but not too early. Aim to be at the interview no more than 10 minutes prior to the meeting time.

  • Dress appropriately, call, visit or google images of the company to see how people dress while at work, then take it up a notch. If people wear jeans and casual shirts, wear slacks with a shirt and tie or blouse.

  • Introduce yourself. Don’t wait for someone to ask who you are.

  • Smile, relax and look them in the eye. You want to appear personable and confident. Interviews can be intimidating; this is a great time to show how you can handle stressful situations.

  • Say thank you, twice. At the end of the interview thank those in the room for their time, then follow up by sending a handwritten thank you note within 24 hours of the interview.

Good luck, you are going to do great!

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