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Drop Off Line Do’s and Don’ts

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Did your blood pressure raise just reading the title? The school drop-off line has the power to transform well-mannered parents into rage-filled, profanity-spewing, New York City cab drivers. Here are a few tips to bring courtesy to the car line.

Safety First

Drive slowly through parking lots and as you approach the drop-off line. Eliminate distractions, please put your cell phone down. It’s too late to write the teacher a note or tie your kid’s shoe. You need to pay attention because kids don’t.

No Cutting Allowed

There is a line leader, that is the person who arrived first, the next person earns their place in line, and so on. Do not cut the line, no matter how busy your schedule is or

what car you drive. Everyone is busy.

Hugs at Home

Skip the last-second PDA. Your kids know you love them. Why else would you be putting yourself through this? If quick goodbyes are hard for you or your kids, park and walk them to the door.

Stay In Your Car

Sit tight friends. Don’t get out of your car to chat with another parent or to help little Jenny get her tuba to the door. You should not exit the vehicle at any time, unless it is on fire, even then, it still kinda' of depends.

Keep it moving

Watch the car in front of you, when it moves, you move. When it’s time for your kids to get in or out of your car, the process should take about 3 seconds.

Lastly, someone IS going to mess up the car line, be patient, forgive them, smile, and wave (with all five fingers!). Even though you are in your car, other people can still see you, and so can your kids.


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