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Thanksgiving Countdown: Invitations

Your perfect holiday meal begins with the invitation.

Now is the time to invite those you’d like to have around your holiday table.

Invitations for Thanksgiving should be extended 3 to 4 weeks before the holiday, or earlier for those who will be traveling. Even if you always host Thanksgiving, traditions change, so it's best to issue an invitation.

Make sure your invite includes the information someone will need to give you a response. Include the time, place, and ask people to RSVP by a date that gives you time to plan your menu.

When guests reply with a "yes", be prepared to answer the question “What can I bring?” As the host, it’s your job to coordinate the menu, so be prepared with ideas and options for your guests to contribute.

I'll be dishing up more Thanksgiving etiquette advice this month as we countdown to the holiday.


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