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Halloween Etiquette

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Make sure everyone has a frightfully good time while keeping manners in mind.

Remind kids to say “Trick or Treat" along with "Thank you." Halloween is the perfect night to teach your little ghouls and goblins the sweet rewards that come with being polite.

How old is too old to go trick or treating?

Some towns, like Chesapeake Virginia, have banned trick or treating after the age of 14. While a ban seems too rigid, trick or treating is best left for kids who can't drive themselves from neighborhood to neighborhood. If you are a parent and like dressing up for Halloween, do it, just leave the candy collection to the kids.

What time should kids go trick or treating?

The fun usually happens from around 5:30 pm - 9 pm. It's easy for the homeowners to decide this for themselves though. When you are ready to call it a night, just turn off your porch light.

Is it rude to go trick or treating in a neighborhood other than your own?

Not at all. Whether you choose a neighborhood because it has less traffic, or because the homeowner's hand out full-size candy bars, just make sure the kids are respectful and have a great time.


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