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Outsmarting Tricky Foods

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Here are five dining etiquette tips for potentially problematic foods using just your fork, knife, and spoon.

Cherry Tomatoes

For larger ones, you can use your fork to pierce the skin and then cut the tomato in half with your knife. For smaller tomatoes, pierce the skin with your fork and eat it whole (carefully).


Dip away, drip away, and tip away! Skim the soup with your spoon from the front to the back of the bowl. Use the back rim of the bowl to catch any drips, then bring the spoon to your mouth. Sip from the side of the spoon and tip the bowl away from you to get the last bit out.


Noodles can be a bit of a knot to unravel, but you can easily use your fork to twirl it into a nice little bundle and enjoy, no spoon required.

Bread and Butter

Eat your bread one bite at a time. Tear off a bite-size piece of the roll or bread slice, and butter it with your knife, or a bread knife. Eat and repeat!


When served with an avocado halved and in the shell, use a spoon. When the avocado is stuffed use your fork.

Pro-Tip: Don’t feel bad about using your hands when you eat traditional finger foods. Wings, hard shell tacos, and burgers are all fair game!


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