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9 Wedding Guest Tips: What Brides and Grooms Wish Their Guests Knew

Updated: May 30, 2023

Dearly beloved soon-to-be wedding guests, let's take a moment to discuss some things that brides and grooms wish their guests knew. From proper fashion choices to smartphone etiquette, gift-giving tips, and photo-sharing guidelines, read on to become the best guest possible.

RSVP Promptly

As soon as you receive an invitation, take a moment to RSVP promptly. The couple is excited to plan their big day, and knowing who's coming is essential. Show them some love by letting them know if you will be able to make it.

Plus-Ones and Children

When receiving an invitation, it's important to understand that it may only be intended for the person whose name is listed. Unless noted otherwise, refrain from assuming that you can bring a plus-one or your children along. If you're unsure, it's acceptable to kindly inquire for clarification from the couple, but don't request them to add to their guestlist.

Arrive on Time

Make sure you arrive before the start time of the ceremony. We want to keep the wedding running smoothly, and nobody likes to wait around. So, plan your journey accordingly, set your alarm, and be ready to celebrate when the festivities kick off.

Dress Appropriately

It's important to dress appropriately for the occasion. If there's a dress code specified, be sure to follow it. Avoid wearing white, off-white, or ivory dresses as they might detract attention from the bride. Also, be cautious with light gray or pale pink colors as they can sometimes appear white in photographs. Avoid anything too unconventional or bold like a red sequin gown or a Hawaiian-themed suit. Opt for a tasteful and appropriate outfit that complements the event.

Silence your Phone

Wedding ceremonies are a time to disconnect from the digital world. Silence your phone and put it away during the ceremony. This allows you to be fully present and keeps you from becoming a distraction during the big day.

Buy from the Registry

When it comes to choosing a wedding gift, consider purchasing it from the couple's registry. Using the registry not only saves you the stress of guessing but also ensures the couple receives something they truly desire.

Send Gifts or Cards to the Home

To make things easier for the couple and their families, consider sending your gifts or cards directly to their home rather than bringing them to the ceremony or reception. This way, they won't have to worry about managing gifts during the event and can fully enjoy their celebration.

Photo Sharing Etiquette

It's important to respect the couple's preferences when it comes to sharing photos. Avoid posting any wedding pictures until they have had the opportunity to do so themselves. Once they have shared their photos, you can share your favorite shots. If the couple has a designated hashtag, use it to help them collect all the wonderful memories captured by their guests.

Leave the Drama at Home

As a guest, it's crucial to leave any personal dramas or conflicts at home. Focus on supporting the couple and creating a positive atmosphere for their special day. Keep in mind that this is their day to shine, and your presence and positive energy will mean the world to them

Attending a wedding is a privilege, so let your love and respect for the couple shine through and make the most of this joyous occasion!


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