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Golf Mom 101: Lessons Learned on the Course

As a golf mom, I know firsthand how this wonderful sport can bring family and friends together for a great time. Spending time at the course watching my favorite golfer play has taught me a lot about the do's and don'ts of being a good golf mom. And let's be real, I've learned some of these lessons the hard way! But through trial and error, I've picked up some valuable tips and tricks that I would love to share with you. Whether you're a seasoned golf parent or a newbie to the game, this blog will help you easily navigate the world of golf etiquette. Let’s tee it up!

Keep quiet.

When you're at the golf course as a spectator, it's important to be mindful of your surroundings and keep noise to a minimum. Golf is a game of focus, and players need to concentrate to play their best. That means no talking while players are hitting the ball - even a whispered conversation can be distracting. Make sure to silence your phone. If you absolutely must use your phone, make sure you go to a location where players cannot hear you. Using your phone during a round of golf could result in a penalty for your player, so check the rules beforehand.

What to wear? While you don't need to don a full-on golf outfit, check out the dress code for the course and wear something that fits the bill. You don't want to show up in cut-off jean shorts and a tank top when the course requires collared shirts and pants. Just aim to look neat, tidy, and appropriate for the setting. This will help you feel confident and comfortable on the course. Don’t forget a cute hat and sunnies!

Know the Rules for Interacting.

While it might be tempting to offer your child tips and help them during their round, it might also be against the rules. Speaking with can be seen as coaching, which may be prohibited. You'll also want to be aware of the rules surrounding spotting tee shots and looking for lost balls.

Weigh your Words.

Giving feedback to our kids after a match can be tricky. It's important to establish ground rules for discussing their performance and sometimes that means biting your tongues. Consider waiting until after the car ride home or even until the next day to provide feedback. Also, remember that it's not just about the score - praise your child for their effort and let them know how much you love watching them play.

Be a Good Sport.

Cheer (quietly) for everyone: A good shot is a good shot, regardless of who hits it. Cheer on all the players, not just your kiddo. And don't forget that how you behave on the golf course reflects on you as a parent and a person. So, let's keep it professional and positive.

There you have it, golf mom etiquette made easy. Have fun out there, and who knows, maybe you'll even take a swing yourself!


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