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Seven Gym Etiquette Rules to Follow

If you are like most of us and resolution season has sparked a fitness-focused goal, it is time to hit the gym! Before you go, make sure you are set with gym etiquette. Doing so not only shows respect for those around you but will also help focus your own workout.

Be On Time

Do your best to arrive 5-10 minutes before classes and training sessions. If life happens and arriving late is unavoidable, discreetly enter the back of the class without causing a distraction.

Keep it Moving

Working out on a tight schedule? You are not alone! Use gym equipment quickly and allow others to get in their workout. If you need to take a restroom break or grab a drink, let others know by draping your towel over the equipment you are using, but make sure not to linger too long.

Personal Space

With the start of a new year comes new goals, determination, and lots and lots of people in the gym! Putting your own fitness goals first is important, but so is giving other patrons some space. Whenever possible try to use machines that are not right next to one another.

Take care with Technology

Let’s agree on no selfies with other people in the background, no taking phone calls during your session, and absolutely no lingering on equipment while scrolling through social media.

Don't forget to bring your headphones so you can still listen to music or watch videos without disturbing someone else.

Keep it Clean

Make sure you clean up after yourself. Wipe down machinery and weights after you use them. Keep your water bottle, towel, and mat near you.

No Flirting

Making friends at the gym is a terrific way to stay motivated, however, it's important to be mindful of boundaries when trying to make connections. Hitting on strangers is not only rude, but it is creepy. Focus on fitness instead of flirting. If someone makes you uncomfortable, let the gym staff know as quickly as possible. Safety is more important than being polite.

Keep Tips to Yourself

Keep in mind not everyone may want or appreciate advice on their routine. Unless asked, it is best to keep fitness and diet tips to yourself!

Gym etiquette is important to uphold whether you are a newbie or a seasoned vet. Following these simple tips will help make everyone’s gym experience more enjoyable. And, as a bonus, being polite and considerate may just inspire someone else to do the same.


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